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MAXIMUM ELECTRIC FIELD - Reflections of a Twisted Soul

1.177 keer bekeken
Mister S.
Gepubliceerd op 27 mrt. 2016
Alternative electronic industrial synthpop with a cinematic touch. The song (and video) 'Reflections of a Twisted Soul' is about anxiety, confusion, despair and schism in a dark estranged world where electrically charged forces of power provide literal and mental illumination but also cause short circuit. All music, lyrics, vocals, machines and guitars by Maxim S. Calda. Audio production, programming, mixing, engineering by Maxim S. Calda. Mastering by Rob Swienink Utopia Mastering. Camera, design, editing, fx and production by Maxim S. Calda. 'Maximum Electric Field' is a solo project of Maxim S. Calda (Tuxedo Bandido, El Maxicano, Massimo Tutti, MXMS, G-GAP). This project shows the electronic roots and darker side of this independent producer and musician who operates in the shadows of different music scenes. More info and FR€€ download at: www.maxim-s-calda.com (mp3) and soundcloud (wav) If you like to support this independent artist you can buy this song at the iTunes store, Amazon, etc. Also available on streaming services as Spotity, Tidal and more. Thanx to Beachfront B-Roll for some stock material. It's a free world after all! © 2016 Small Room recordings | 2016 Avant Garden productions Reflections Of A Twisted Soul by MAXIMUM ELECTRIC FIELD is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MAXIMUM ELECTRIC FIELD – Reflections of a Twisted Soul (words: Maxim S. Calda) Do you hear me calling in the dephts of this despair Do you see me crawling, my thoughts become impaired Wait, what's going on Do you feel what it's coming to Or am I all alone Darkness comes to light Moon shines upon the dark side Is this me or just a narrative Am I a traveller or a fugitive Where is the line between real and fake And how is this line going to break Wait, what's going on Can someone please just hit the brakes So I can feel if I'm still awake I've got to get away But where do I run to Where do I run to Where do I run to When it's all a dead way in the end anyway Wait, wait Sometimes I give, sometime I take Sometimes I live, sometimes I break Same sequence from the start Being born to fall apart Visions blur, I'm slipping back The innermind all pitch black Every step needs your concern Closer to point of no return Is it the crack inside of me That feeds me all this hystery Where's the line between real and fake And how is this line going to break Wait, what's going on What's going on My body stops but my brains go on What's going on Wait, wait


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