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9/11: Decision Points

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There are several major events in global history that touch me deeply, 9/11 is one of them. After having read "Decision Points" and "Spoken from the Heart", and for that matter as well as "America by Heart", and after having seen on tv "George W. Bush: the 9/11 Interview", I am strenghtened in my belief that president Bush at the time took the best possible decisions. He isn't looking for flaws in Intelligence, nor is he seeking revenge. It's better to go on the Offence than be in a state of Defence: He simply took Decisions !
Most people lack "decision taking" and sometimes decisions simply have to been made!!
And as some have said before me, history will prove most of these decisions have been the right ones. In retrospect mistakes have been made; but hey, after all who is infallible ?
Why I am touched by what happend at 9/11 is the fact we've seen the Twin Towers, we've walked the ground surrounding the buildings, we've walked inside and we've stood on top of the buildings. That is mostly what makes you realize the scale of this major event.
Of course in one go I have to mention the events that took place on board Flight United 93 and at the Pentagon.

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Goede middag. Ik kan het niet lezen wat er staat, jammer. Een fijne zondag. Groetjes Conny.
conny laat jullie weten.......

11 September 2011 om 13:12

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