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Martinborough Feb 4

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Martinborough Feb 4


Martinborough only 71 km North East of Wellington is famous for its wineries.
On our way we stopped in Upper Hutt for Diesel and shopping in the supermarket.
Some advise, it would have been better the other way as on the receipt a discount of 6 cents/liter was given at the local Petrol Station.
Well we made an old lady happy when handed over the note.
The ride over the mountains was longer than expected.
At 1300 hrs we found our spot at the camping place. I changed cloths as it was warm again but also very windy.
Martinborough , Gladstone and Masterton are located on ancient alluvial river terraces of deep,free draining gravel overlaid with gravely silt loam and belongs to the Wairarapa 's three sub regions. They have low rainfall ,hot summers and low dry autumns.
This provides the right balance of warm days and cool nights for producing top quality Pinot Noir and other ripening varieties. 
We visited the wine farm of Palliser and the highlight of the day was of course tasting of all kind of wines like Riesling ,Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and the Pinot Noir. 
Tasting wines can be tricky business on a sunny afternoon however the farm was within walking distance. Palliser has 7 wineries itself and cooperate with their neighbors with exchanging grapes for the perfect blend . They produce around half million cases a year and the grapes are harvest in the month of April. We bought a btl of Palliser Estate Chardonnay.An excellent wine and I am sure that this wine don't leave blisters on my tongue .
Janet managed to book the Campervan for another day as all hotels in Auckland are fully booked on Feb 15th.That is good news and do not have to visit the Salvation Army but stay overnight nearby Auckland.We have learned our lesson and booked also our hotels in Sydney Australia. Tomorrow we have a long ride to Hastings and it would be great if no Brown eyed creatures will wake us upon the middle of the night.
CPM Juul 




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