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Wildlife in NZ

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Wildlife in NZ


Hello , 

I informed you already a bit about NZ wildlife like the kiwi's ,seals, the crayfish , spermwales and  of course not to forget those bloody insects.
Last night we met another creature unexpectedly. Later I realized it made sense as the camping place was close by the forrest.
In Alaska you can expect the grizzly bears or moose . This One I never seen before and not sure 
If this was the Brown eye Diatarrus.
It is family of the Blue eye Spectacullus however those died thousand of years ago.

It was around 3 Am when Janet shouted " earthquake" . I must admit the Campervan was shaking like hell so jumped in my jeans and opened the camera on my I pad in order to mail these spectacular moments for the home front and the readers of our blog.
Safety first ,so before I opened the door I first opened the curtains . There was this lovely smiling animal staring at us. When I took his picture he was not amused and left again so went back to bed again .
The next day I opened my photo's on I pad just to make sure I did not dream it and voila..
A wish you sweet dreams and goodnight and if you want to buy my book with lovely pictures of NZ let me know.

CPM Juul

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