New Zealand 2014

Kaikoura 31 Jan& 1Feb

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I had " Challenges "(BFP) with wifi yesterday so today we go for it again , nondejupiellukes.

Yesterday we arrived from Hamner Springs. We both enjoyed staying in this small town. There was a drizzle when we left around 9.30 AM. The firebrigade welcome this weather as signs in town showed that there was a high risk of fire.
The way to Kaikoura led us on "Minor highways " as they called it through the mountains, but for me it was just an ordonairry  small B road. I was glad that we did not had to pass those long wide trucks up Hill.
Around noon we reached The camping in Kaikoura. Last night Janet cooked a special Kaikoura dish , beef in a spicy sauce so after dinner we have to load water again.
Kaikoura is situated on the eastcoast at the Pacific. Many tourists come here watching the marine life by plane,helicopters or by boat. The main attraction is sperm wales as well as orca, seals and dolphins. We are staying two days in Kaikoura what means " meal of The Crayfish"
Kaikoura has a population of approx. 3800 persons that number easely is multiplied with 2 with the tourists during The summer.The camping last night was rather full. Today we decided to walk to the seal point as the Wales we see when doing the cruise.
IT took us in Total 4 hrs with some lunch nearby the place. We both ordered The Crayfish FRitter.
At 2 pm we were back on het camping. Janet had some washing to do and sending some mails to her friends. Although party cloudy it was a warm and nice day. Tomorrow we are driving to Picton.





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