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Hamner Springs 30 Jan.

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Hamner Springs 30 Jan.

Again a lovely Sunny day, slept well and we had  breakfast around 8. 30 . Today  was a relaxing day and visited in the morning the hot water mineral pools.  The complex has 12  thermal and freshwater pools of varying temperatures, as well as private pools and a kids water slide area.The price of a ticket for a senior is $15 and you are able to return in case you wantend to have a break.It is only 10 minutes walkringvormig the campside.The First thing you noties is the sulfer smell of the first pool area which are heated up from 40 C till 42 C. Later you do not notide this anymore. We have tried out about 9 pools and the one's of 36 C felt cold. Around noon went back to the camping and made omlet with bacon. 

in The afternoon we to do " the dog stream "walkway. This was a nice walk through the forrest and small rivers.I brought my I pad and used Googlemaps not to lose track, unfortunately after hours of walking the batteries were empty and it started to get darker. You can imagine that was not funny and started to think which mushrooms we could eat. Normally we have a snack and a wine around 6 pm and 

Just before I started panicing a fair size Kiwi was crossing our path. IT was a miracle as he hopped in front off us and showed us theway to the village.The locals must have trained him like the Swiss the St. Bernhard dog.Altough we were very grateful thathebroughtusback into town iT would have been perfect that next the bird carrying also a flacon of Cognac.

Well ,the above believe it or not quit true which part is to you.

Time for my Grolsch and tonight we are eating in town, howeve no stuffed Kiwi for me.

Cpm Juul

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