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Poor me

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So, I'm rather pathetic as it happens coz I've got a sore eye, well a sore 2 eyes really.  No beach coz of sand and salt water and no woods coz of dirty ditches.  What's wrong with dirty ditches?  They're brilliant!  But me mum and the vet think different, like they know better! 
Kyra's been here loads of times and we've had a good play at tug of war with yet another new rope (me mum refuses to buy any more ropes.........yeah, right!).   
So we go to the vet, all jolly jolly.  She's awfully nice and friendly then she sticks a thermometer up me bum, a stick in me ear, and pokes about my persona with her fingers, then jabs a needle in me back!...........she's off me Christmas card list!  Not going there again! 
So, back to me best friend Kyra.  Best friend!?  Me mum bought me a new bone, Kyra just came to visit!  That's all, visit! 

She didn't leave much......... 


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