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Mucky me!

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I've been a naughty girl, again.  We went to the woods this morning coz it was high tide and we weren't sure if we could get on the beach anyway, with all the work that's going on there, so the woods seemed like a good idea.  I was being really good, like really!  I was off the lead the whole time, had a good sniff here and there but ran to me mum when she called me.  She even said that I was being very good.  Until...............well, we came across this large body of water, not really water, more a body of muddy sludge.  We've walked past it before many times but I was on the lead then due to my poo addiction.  I just could not resist!  The smell was luring me in, I had to take a dip.  So I took a dip, me mum went nuts so I came back out but I was already hooked!  In I went again, and again.  Mud, mud glorious mud........that hippo had it right!  I eventually came out but me mum wouldn't go near me, what's her problem? 


We left the woods, keeping our distance, and climbed the steps to the beach.  High tide but still some beach and gallons of sea!  I got cleaned up in the water, me face is still a bit mucky tho, and we....hmmmm, I had a ball!  Had a good play, a good swim, a good run.  Brilliant morning and it lasted for ages!  Me mum might not agree so I'm hoping she won't read this. 
Anyway, I've heard rumours around the house that I have to go to the       V E T this week for an overhaul and a yearly injection so me mum will have a good snigger when I'm on that table!  I can almost hear her now........serves ye right, ye little bugger!

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