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Where's summer gone???

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Cooled down drastically, not that it matters when you have a coat like mine, so me mum has to put a jacket on again when we go out.  Just as well really coz jackets have pockets and pockets carry tiny treats for good doggies.  I'm not always good but I'm getting gooder and gooder every day.  Problem with being good is - there's just so many distractions going on!  Dogs to play with when I'm supposed to be walking to heel, poo to eat when I'm supposed to be playing with dogs.  Life can be sooooo difficult! 
Oh, our beach is a mess btw, did I tell you?  We went there on Monday and had a good walk and a play and a swim coz the work that's going on only meant that these massive great pipes went right out into the sea.  Unfortunately, they went right back up the beach to the dunes, which make the dike, so we couldn't walk as far as we usually do.  Went again on Wednesday and these massive great pipes have taken over!  They now stretch all across the beach as far as the bathers beach.  Tractors, diggers, machines from other planets are running amok! Warra drag!  They don't go as far as the bathers beach, of course, they only take over the doggie beach!  Apparently, they have to do this every 10 years or so to build up the sand that the sea washes away to keep us safe from flooding.  Suppose it's a good thing but they need to hurry up with it!  Us dogs need to swim! 
Nikki came on Friday, we're getting good at playing together but she threw me ball over the fence.  Me mum took her to the market and they bought, yet another, rope.  Kyra came round when Liam finished work and we played with this super strong dog was in ribbons after about 5 minutes!  No market till next Friday, let's hope we get another rope! 
Whit Monday tomorrow so Liam has a day off, weather permitting (permitting means if there isn't a massive snow storm stopping all traffic in their tracks) we'll be off to Westkapelle Beach!  Can't wait! 
Liam brought some chalk for Nikki to play with on me mum's new garden paving.   
Liam did most of the work, hoping it won't rain so it stays there forever, but Nikki joined in too.  They were both on their knees for ages!  Me mum's not sure if she wants rain to clean the paving or sun to go to the beach...........It's a no brainer, really.  SUN!



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