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It's suuuuuummmmmeeeerrrrr!!!  Hot, hot, hot!  Great, specially when you can cool off in the sea!  Me and me mum go to the beach all the time but the last few days when we've been me mum hasn't had her wellies on!  She got her trainers a bit wet coz she forgets she's not in wellies but it's summer! 
Today has been the best day in the whole of my life, ever! Ever!  Up early, as us dogs do, gets me mum sorted and dressed and we're off to the beach, low tide was about 9ish.  Car boot is packed with me stuff, a towel - I'm low maintenance - when our Kyra turns up with Liam.  Change of plan, great change of plan!  We go to West Kapelle, where Liam's girlfriend works, and play on the beach there.  Playing for ages, like ages!  Chasing the ball, running, swimming - warra life!!!  Must admit, Kyra did most of the running and chasing the ball.  Kyra's great, she can swim for miles!  She could swim to England if Liam threw the ball that far!  I just kinda chase the ball but my efforts are a bit pathetic when Kyra is about so flopping down in the water is an easy option.  Liam grabbed me mum and chucked her in the water but she only got her sandals wet, so she took her sandals off and I grabbed one of them and ran round the beach with it, what fun!  Me mum was going nuts trying to get her sandal back, hahaha.  I'm such a tinker!  We all eventually settled down and went for a drink in the cafe.  Me mum and Liam had breakfast there! pfffff, me and Kyra got water. 
Soooooooooooo on the way home I heard Liam mention bbq.  Bbq it was!  Kris, Laura and Nikki came too and the smells were out of this world!  Me and Kyra did more playing before the cooking started, we played tug of war with the rope, what's left of it, and we ran in and out and in and out the house.  Never had so much fun in me life, ever!  A whole day with Kyra!  And to top it all not only did we get bits of bbq'd sausage we also got bits of bbq'd chicken!  This is us after we'd slaughtered the rope, just me and her left. No rope. 

Never been so knackered in me life, ever!  Collapsing as we speak.  Mother's Day tomorrow so visitors imminent!  Can't wait!  Kyra will be here again!  See you sooooon.  (bet I don't get no cake).


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