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Amerikaanse bulldog

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Kunst van Amerikaanse bulldogen

Dit zijn schilderijen die gemaakt zijn in de middeleuwen van de Amerikaanse bulldog







This shot is an artists rendering of a Bulldog. This is from the Encyclopaedia Britannica, Vol. Second. This volume set was printed






The Duke of Hamilton's fighting Bulldog Tyger. Engraving circa, 1790










Two Bulldogs hunting a Badger in 1800.



This shot was first published in 1800.







A fight between a Bulldog and a Man in 1801.







Bulldogs, 1809







Crib and Rosa, 1817.







Bulldogs, 1821







Beech, 1826.







Little Billy, 1827.








Lucy, 1834.








This shot was first published in 1843.






Bulldogs about to fight a Bull, 1860.






Crib and Rosa, 1860.





Champion Crib, 1871.








Doon Brae, 1876.








Champion Ida, 1879.












Surplice, 1880.









Bulldog, 1880.







Bulldogs in England, 1885

Champion Datholite, 1886.









Champion Guido, 1889.










L'amdassador, 1894.












Fortunes frolic, 1897.








Bulldog and Pigs, 1898






Bulldogs, 1910.








These shots are from an all breed dog book printed in 1918.












Bronze, 19th Century










Bronze, 19th Century









Byron, an English Bulldog of the 1800's.






Bulldogs and plot hounds hunting Bear.











Bulldogs and plot hounds huning Bears